Club Recovery of Citrus County, Inc.

Club Recovery – Address: 2500 N Anvil Ct, Hernando, FL 34442
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We incorporated as a Florida not-for-profit corporation in January of 2012 after a lengthy period of discussion and solicitation for interest, ideas and funds. Prayers were always a part of the process and they were answered in late April. A local business owner offered a part of his commercial property for us to try out for a few months, with the agreement of our maintaining it and managing it in a safe manner.

With an Open House held on May 8th, we were able to express this Spiritual journey of having a place where our values, interests and above all, recovery could be nurtured. Our recovery community responded enthusiastically, with painting, moving, fixing and many have become a part of this opportunity for growth and personal joy. Two horseshoe pits and two dartboards were in place by open house, along with lots of borrowed chairs.

Since then, our members have added a ping-pong table, pool table, tables and chairs (all donated items). The outside smoking area has been enhanced with seating, lights, fan and a “dry” roof. After much discussion, a committee was formed and had a media line installed, being paid for by special fundraising they are committed to. Events, membership and donations pay for this service, where sports can be enjoyed in a sober atmosphere. Wi-Fi is available for members to utilize with their laptops or other devices.

We presently have 21 meetings a week held here, most are AA groups, with a few other groups also meeting. The Club does not run the meetings, they independently operate, but we provide a safe facility, privacy when indicated, and keep the coffee pot hot. We have the capacity to schedule more than 30 a week and welcome discussion in any areas of recovery.

A monthly Newsletter has been designed and is being sent via email to all members and any interested person who signs up for it. Paper copies are distributed by volunteers and can be picked up at the Club.  It is also included on this website. Please submit your ideas, writings, and interests to and John will see that it is used if possible.

Now this website has also been designed for us to utilize and enhance our tools of recovery, while we reach out to those who are still suffering, helping in every way we can. Feel free to share this site with others in order to help spread the word of our purpose. Posting meetings online may lead individuals who don’t know the area to find a place of comfort, support and the message of how we recover from fatal addictions.

October 27, 2012 we received the letter of acceptance as a 501(c)(3) public charity under the laws of the IRS, retroactive to Jan. 20, 2012. This is much like Nature Coast Intergroup and A.A. World Services tax status. Many recovery clubs across America have this classification and depend on members to sustain the facility along with donations both from within the group and outside, throughout the community for support. This exemption will assist us in achieving that goal.

We now have a PayPal account and link for users to pay membership dues or donate to our cause.

We are well aware that we are not perfect, but are growing along Spiritual lines and dedicated to serving as best we know how. Isn’t that what Recovery is about? Come visit, sit down with a cup of coffee and engage in a fellowship that can lift heavy hearts, clear cloudy minds and fill a room with laughter!